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Marlboro Learning Center Teachers Profile

Teachers listed by alphabetical order of Last Names

Mr. Bartlett has been teaching mathematics at High Technology High School at Lincroft, the nation's top Science, Technology and Math (STEM) school in the U. S. - for the past 17 years. Overall, he has been teaching mathematics for the past 22 years. He has successfully taught AP Calculus, Pre-calculus, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry. Mr. Bartlett has been very successful at helping students at all levels to fully understand the fundamental of Math subjects and achieving top scores on standardized tests such as the AP Calculus Exam. This success is directly attributable to Mr. Bartlett's mastery of the subject matter as well as his ability to impart his knowledge to his students.


Mr. Braden is a New Jersey state certified teacher of high school math and physics. With about 10 years of experiences, Mr. Braden has taught SAT Math, SAT II Math, ACT Math and Science, AP Calculus AB/BC, Pre-Calculus, Algebra 1, Physics, AP Physics C and Honors Chemistry, In addition, Mr. Braden is a very active and experienced tutor with over 2,000 hours of one on one and classroom tutoring experience. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh school of Engineering. Students enjoy working with Mr. Braden because he is patient and clear in his instruction and helps students build a foundation of basic principles. Helping students succeed is his goal and he accomplishes this consistently by adjusting his style to fit the individual learning preferences and needs of his students.


Mrs. Chermak is a professor and certified English teacher with a master degree from Columbia University Teachers’ college, the best teacher’s college in the country. With over 15 years of experiences, she has a unique way of teaching students how to read efficiently and effectively to catch the key points and main ideas of an article quickly, which is an essential skill that SAT requires. She has a unique background in linguistics that most English teachers do not possess. It benefits students not only to get top or perfect score of SAT, but also beefs up their reading skill that helps improve learning of all subjects for many years to come.

Mrs. Dowds has been teaching chemistry courses for nearly 10 years, including AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Biological and Organic Chemistry, and General Chemistry Laboratory. She has spent hundreds of hours helping students acquire skills to complete assignments and prepare for AP Chemistry exam and SAT Chemistry exam. She has helped countless students overcome their difficulty in Chemistry and get top scores. Mrs. Dowds has a Master's degree in Chemistry. She consistently solicits feedback from students to ensure her teaching meet their needs. Consistent feedback from students regarding Mrs. Dowds's teaching style are very knowledgeable, kind, organized, and calm. Mrs. Dowds is a quality AP/SAT Chemistry teacher.



Dr. Demaree has a PhD in Physics with concentration on Science Education. She has served on the test-writing committee for AP Physics of College Board who administers the AP exam, which requires calculus, and have spent several years grading the AP exams for College Board. She is also a guru on Math of all subjects, including SAT Math, Calculus, Algebra I/II, Pre-Calculus, Geometry, etc. She has been a college professor and high school teacher. Bulk of her career has been studying best practices for teachers to have the biggest impact on students. She is passionate about improving student confidence, self-efficacy, and fundamental transferable skills. She has taught at prestigious institutions including Georgetown University, as well as high school. Dr. Demaree has helped numerous students reaching a perfect 5 in AP Physics, 800 in SAT Math and SAT II Physics. While she was teaching AP Physics in South Korea, the whole class got 5.


Ms. Drust is a certified Biology teacher with over 15 years of experiences on teaching AP Biology, Honors Biology, and SAT II Biology. She has helped countless students achieving top scores (5 in AP, 800 for SAT II) as well as school works in Biology. She has the ability of making the real world connection to the topics that the students are studying so that students are motivated to learn, and make the learning more interesting. With her broad experiences on high school teaching and AP Biology education, she knows the deficiency of the school teaching, and knows how to make up the deficiency to help students achieving top scores. Ms. Drust is especially familiar with the new AP Biology changes made two years ago. She knows how to train students to answer free response questions which have increased significantly in the AP test. In addition, she teach students how to apply math formulas to solve real world problem instead of memorization, as well as teaching the synthesis techniques to analyze various data sources to explain and summarize important biological functions. Ms. Drust is the teacher who knows how to help student achieving high in AP/SAT II Biology.




Mr. Evans is a certified AP Chemistry teacher who has been teaching AP and Honors Chemistry for over 20 years and have helped countless students achieve at the highest possible level. He owns two Master degrees on Chemistry Education and Education Technology. He has maintained a class average of 4.4 on the AP Exam. The AP Chemistry students he taught last year at Marlboro Learning Center South Brunswick location have achieved all perfect scores of 5s. Mr. Evans evaluates students' strengths and weaknesses and design a plan that will specifically address areas in need of improvement. He thoroughly reviews all concepts, improves problem solving techniques and strategies, all to improve overall understanding of chemical principles. He knows what takes for students to get a perfect score of 5 in AP Chemistry test, and 800 for the SAT II Chemistry test.





Ms. Fox is an English professor and a certified English teacher with experience on teaching SAT and reading/writing of all levels for over 16 years. She has helped numerous students reach top SAT scores. She has been teaching at Marlboro Learning Center for over 7 years and has gained excellent feedback from students. She also helped students through the college application process, including essay writing, for 15 years. Numerous students went to top colleges including Princeton, UPenn, Columbia, Cornell, etc. Ms. Fox has worked with students on all levels. Ms. Fox is an outstanding English reading/writing teacher and college application consultant. Her impeccable records on teaching SAT, ACT, SSAT, and all levels of reading/writing are manifested by the excellent feedback and demands from the students and parents of Marlboro Learning Center.




Ms. Gross is teaching English at the nation's top high school, High Technology High School at Lincroft, 9th and 12th grades with 15 years of experience teaching SAT English. Mrs. Gross herself scored an 800 on the SAT English when she was a High-Tech High School student. She is skilled in all components of the English section of the SAT and is able to impart her knowledge to help her students get top scores in this section. Mrs. Gross has helped many Marlboro Learning Center (MLC) students reaching their top scores on SAT including 1600 for the recent new SAT tests. Many of her students went to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UPenn, etc. Her teaching not only helps students on test skills and techniques, but also build solid foundation on their reading and writing capability that benefits students in school work, colleges and even graduate schools for many years to come.




Mr. Hwang is a certified Math teacher who graduated from Brown University with a Master degree on Math. He has taught high school Math for over 15 years on various subjects including SAT Math, Pre-Calculus, Algebra I, II, Geometry, Trigonometry, AP Statistics etc. Mr. Hwang is a true Math Guru who knows how to teach students Math fundamentals to help them not only to do well on the test but also build up solid foundation to solve real world problems for future advancement. Mr. Hwang is highly praised by MLC students.









Mr. Kovalcin is the author of the Honors Physics, Volumes 1 & 2 text book. He has taught physics for over 36 years at various institutions, such as Monmouth County Science and Engineering Center at Manalapan High School. He has been teaching a combination of lab physics, AP physics, C Mechanics, and Electricity & Magnetism. He is dedicated, well- organized, and thorough. Over the last decade, he coached the Manalapan HS Physics team in the National Science League to first place in 2008 and 2009. Four students in his charge became members of the US Physics Team. A former student wrote a review stating, Mr. K. definitely knows the physics material well. He can clearly and accurately explain difficult concepts so that they can be understood. He can also explain the basis and origin of the laws of physics, as well as their applications. Lessons are not spent covering material as fast as possible, but rather aiming for depth in each topic.



Mr. Odeh is a outstanding and experienced SAT instructor who is highly praised by all students taught by him. He communicates very well with students and is very passionate about helping student reach their full potential in getting top scores. He gave very precise and thorough feedback to each student he taught. Numerous students made significant improvement due to his guidance and encouragement. Mr. Odeh sure knows how to improve student's SAT performance in a short time. Parent and student reference and testimonials are available.



Mr. Patel has 10 years of dedicated experiences on teaching SAT and ACT on all topics, i.e. Reading, Writing, Math and ACT Science. He taught in IES2400 for 7 years since the beginning of IES where he also wrote workbooks. With a Bachelor in Engineering and a Masters in Writing, plus 10 years of dedicated teaching experience on both SAT and ACT, in addition to his success in curriculum- writing and developing test- taking techniques for the SAT and ACT, Mr. Patel can surely help you or your kids reach your dream scores. Typical score increases taught by Mr. Patel ranges from 250 ~ 600 points on the Old SAT; 150 ~ 300 on the New SAT; 5 ~ 9 points on the ACT. He has coached many students to perfect 800s on all sections of both the Old and New SAT.



Ms. Cecilia Perry is an SAT expert with over 10 years of experience on preparing student to achieve high or perfect score on SAT by working on vocabulary, grammar, critical reading, and essay writing in addition to test skills. She will focus on evidence-based reading, word in context, grammar for sentence correction, analysis of passages on history, social studies, and science, and many other SAT required skills. Students will be frequently evaluated and enhanced on their reading/writing capabilities. There will be frequent tests, reviews, and significant amount of homework. Cecilia has helped countless students reach top SAT scores and has received excellent feedback.




Mr. Kyle Robbins is a certified Math teacher and truly a Math guru with teaching experiences on SAT Math, SAT II Math, AP Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Algebra I and II, Geometry, and AP Statistics. He has received excellent feedback from the students he has taught at Marlboro Learning Center. He is dedicated to provide the best education possible and is able to customizes mathematics into a form that students can use and easily understand. Many of Mr. Robbins’s student have made significant improvements in school work and reach top scores on Math SAT, and AP tests.




Mr. Rutkowski is a bright, dynamic and energetic high school teacher with over 20 years of experience on teaching SAT English, AP English, and SSAT/Specialty High School Exam English. He has this great passion for teaching that influences as soon as anyone who enters his classroom. He keeps students motivated with varied, lively approaches. As a certified and experienced instructor, he teaches both the content and strategies needed to succeed on the SAT. He knows how to unlock each student’s talent using his unique procedure developed through years of teaching. Many of our students are inspired to score higher on SAT by the knowledge, skills, and confidence that Mr. Rutkowski has passed on to them. Last summer, most of Mr. Rutkowski’s SAT students scored about 1550 or more.


Mrs. Styles is a certified English teacher with numerous years of experience on teaching reading, writing, and SAT for high school and middle school students. She is very structure, organized, and responsible teacher. She has been teaching at Marlboro Learning Center for many years, and is a teacher well- respected and loved by her students. Mrs. Styles know how to build those fundamental critical reading/writing skills to students and to cultivate their reading habit of reading variety of frequent reading assignments so that students can achieve high scores in school and SAT test.








Ms. Lillian Wang is a certified Math teacher who is experienced on teaching AP Calculus AB/BC, SAT Math, SAT Math II Subject tests, Pre-calculus, Algebra II, and Geometry. She knows very well the tricks and questions that the SAT, AP, and SAT II math tests likely target on, which helps improve students’ scores significantly. She works and communicates very well with students and knows how to tailor her teaching style to the way each student learns. She provides rich supplemental worksheets and practice tests, and gives additional support on student weaknesses. She expands on the students’ math knowledge and concepts to ensure they have a deeper understanding. We have received very positive feedback for Ms. Wang. Many of Ms. Wang’s students achieved high or perfect scores.




Mr. Tom Wang is a certified and extremely talented Math teacher with impressive teaching records that are manifested by the excellent feedback which we have continuously received from the Marlboro Learning Center students whom Mr. Wang has taught on subjects including SAT Math, AP Calculus AB/BC, Pre-Calculus, Algebra I/II, Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and Calculus I/II/III. Over his SAT teaching experiences, he has taught 17 perfect scores. His teaching for student’s school work has reached 95% grade improvement rate. Not only he is technically strong, he can work very well with all levels of students with individual attention and focus on each student’s weakness.


Mr. Zhang is a computer professional who has deep knowledge with wide experiences on computer programming. He taught many years Java language certification courses which helped numerous IT professionals (young and adults) gain certification on Java programming. Mr. Zhang also taught AP Computer Science which is based on Java language concepts. He also taught Java for Youth course that helped young students learn Java and computer programming early so that they can apply the computer techniques to their day- to- day life which not only give them edge with their unique talent when it comes to college application, it also helps stimulate their thinking of real world problems and application which ultimately help their early brain development and growth.